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Hey, I'm Courtney!

I'm the face behind The Crafty Brick.  I have always loved to design and make special homemade items for my home and for others.  For the past 17 years I've been a stay at home mom and during that time  I've had many different jobs.  Some of those  include preschool teacher, bookkeeper, starting multiple businesses and most recently a personal trainer.  In 2019 I realized the jobs I had done previously never really filled the creative space where I loved to reside. Yet, I also had self doubt and didn't know if people would really be interested in purchasing my items if I sold them.  In the fall of 2019 I decided that I would take the leap and start The Crafty Brick.  That was the best business decision I have made so far.  It has been such a dream to make my customers' visions come to life.  I wake up every day and am excited to work. I look forward to making many more creations in the years to come.

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The Crafty Profit Projector
Anacelia Martinez-Smith
So Thankful

I am so glad social media kept showing me an ad for this. I was getting frustrated with pricing even though I had a spreadsheet someone sent me on how to do pricing, but it always seemed to me it was too high (for retail).
The Crafty Profit Project made it much simpler and alot less stressful. Looking forward to adding more projects as my business grows.

Love the Crafty Profit Projector!

Had to find all my scraps of paper that I had written the costs of my projects down on. When I started imputing everything I had in the Profit Projector I realized how much money I was leaving out! What an eye opener this was. The companion workbook is great. I’ve now got a place to keep track of ideas and list out the things I will need to complete the project. Thank you for making this for us!

Profit Projector

SO much data to collect! I started putting details in spreadsheets and ......... then life happened to get in the way. Not an excuse; just explanation. Just from the data I input, I know it will/would be useful tool. At 72, Still not sure what I want to do with myself. Thank you for creating!